Manufactured from raw products that comply with ISO 9001 standards, the colour of the flagstones permeate not just the surface but the whole flagstone.

These are available in a full range of colour options, ideal for entertainment area, pathways, patios and adjacent to the coping on your pool.

Now available – a mixture of flagstones and cobbles that make up circles that can either be used as a stand alone feature or as part of the paving.

These are available in various colours and combinations.




1m x 500mm x 50mm

505mm x 505mm x 40mm

500mm x 500mm x 40mm

220mm x 220mm x 50mm

Singles & Combinations

400mm x 400mm x 40mm

400mm x 200mm x 40mm

200mm x 200mm x 40mm




Mix the various sizes available in your chosen colour to make an interesting pattern on your paving.

A combination of patterns may be made using the following sizes

400 x 400mm
400 x 200mm
2 x (200 x 200)mm