Caring for Pavers

Prevention is better than cure

• Sweep regularly with a soft bristled broom to keep pavers free from debris.
• During construction, cover the paved areas to protect against damage.
• Protect your pavers against possible staining from mortar, oxides, cement and rust.
• WARNING: Hydrochloric acid is NOT recommended for use with concrete pavers as irreparable surface damage may occur.
• Do not use high pressure cleaning apparatus to clean pavers.
• Clean stain before it hardens or dries up in all cases.

Sealing and cleaning of product

All cleaning of our products must take place with a soft bristle brush. We do not recommend hard or wire bushes, high pressure cleaners or any abrasive or mortar cleaners as these can damage the surface of your pavers. In the event of a stain or spill wash the area down with copious amount of water immediately which will remove it.

The products can be sealed with a water based sealer but it is not recommended as this will make the pavers slippery when wet.